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Why ? sells tickets to various musical, cultural and sports events since 2013. We have become one of the TOP ticketing players and have sold millions of tickets.

We offer complex service for organisers - from ticket sales, sales statistics to providing staff for on-site control. We are proud media partner to organisers, thanks to cooperation with one the biggest online media web - with more than 2,2 million unique visitors monthly.

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of tickets sold

More than 250.000

real users monthly (and growing!)


of musical, sports and cultural events every year

Large network

of sale points

Come and enjoy working with us!

complex support with setting up and managing events

experienced on-site control staff during events

robust marketing solutions for your event promotion

online media campaign on one of the biggest media house and our media partners

booking and event organising

special employee benefits for companies

Unique experience

We gladly become your media partner. We create individual online marketing campaigns suitable for your event.

We define the target group together and plan the most effective and efficient campaign to draw attention to the event.From online to offline. We promote your event within the physical sale points of our partners.

  • - Every partner sale point is properly labeled.
  • - Promo materials (posters, bulletins, stickers, etc.) are regularly prepared by us communicating current events
  • - We are able to provide extra services upon individual requests.



Please feel free to contact us at and +421 910 670 336

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Please feel free to contact us at and +421 910 670 336